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Our Services

Finding the right sustainability strategy, implementing activities and communicating it effectively and sincerely can be challenging in today's environment. There is a lot of noise and pressure from all stakeholders groups.
Which topics are relevant for my business? Which costs and resources are necessary to fulfill our goals? What internal processes are needed to achieve our strategic goals? How can I keep profits, do good and satisfy all stakeholder groups? How can I solidify or grow reputable brand or company?

We help you to focus without losing the big picture.  

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


  • Analysis of sustainability needs

  • Stakeholder claim integration (360 degree view)

  • Materiality analysis

  • Goals setting

  • Strategy development
    (ESG, integrated or separate)

  • Strategy review/ benchmarking

  • Green Ocean Strategy

  • University research integration


  • Sustainability program implementation support, particularly in the area of sustainable raw material procurement

  • Support and coaching of employees

  • Establishment of internal sustainability management 

  • Workshops


  • Communication strategy for
    corporate communication, marketing, subsidiaries or
    specific stakeholders

  • Development of claims

  • ESG positioning

  • Evaluation of label vs. logo  

  • Support and coaching of communication/marketing departments

  • Delicate issue/crisis set-up


  • Assessment and verification of existing communication/ marketing material
    (, packaging, POS, websites)

  • Support for issue management or NGO campaigns

  • Sustainability report checks

  • Support for internal and external verification processes

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